Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spartan Martial Arts is Moving/Expanding!!!

It has been only a short time since the beginning of Spartan Marital Arts in 2011. It has grown very fast since then and now Spartan MA will be moving to a new, larger location that will be available to the public starting next month, September 2013! The current location is roughly 3000 square ft, and the new gym will be over 7000 square ft. That is a huge amount of training space that will be able to accommodate more than one class going on at the same time!

The gym layout is two training rooms, both, covering 2500 square ft. of mat space, will have brand new strength and conditioning equipment along with heavy bag stations. One room will be dedicated as the home for a new class called Martial Arts Fitness!

Martial Arts Fitness is exactly what it sounds like, a fitness class that will be quick-paced and more exciting then the typical aerobics/weight training that most people are used to. Martial Arts Fitness class is designed to be changeling and a class in which anyone can do, not just an elite MMA fighter. We will teach basic marital arts-type techniques with a unique mix of fitness exercises.

Another great addition to Spartan Marital Arts will be it's very own Nurtrashop located right inside the gym! This will allow for members to purchase all their supplement needs at the gym where they are working out! We will provide educated assessments to your health/fitness goals to help you choose and decide what products are right for you.

Besides the two giant training areas and the new Nutrashop, the new gym location will feature a locker room, children's play area, wi-fi internet access, brand new equipment and provide a convenient location, right off 694 in Oakdale, MN!

We are very excited for the move and we hope you are too! Make sure to stay updated on our grand opening by checking our Facebook page, YouTube and by frequently checking our blog!

We are excited for the changes coming up in the next couple of months and appreciate you being part of this new step on our journey together!

Below you'll find some photos of the moving process to our new location!

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