Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Spartan Martial Arts Holiday Schedule  
No Martial Arts Fitness Classes any of the posted days.

  • Dec 24th
    • Muay Thai 11-11:45 am
    • BJJ 12-1:00 PM
    • MMA Training 1-2:00 PM

  • Dec 25th
    • Closed ~Merry Christmas!~
  • Dec 31st
    • Muay Thai 11-11:45 am
    • BJJ 12-1:00 PM
    • MMA Training 1-2:00 PM
  • Jan 1st
    • Closed ~Happy New Year!~
Hey Guys and Gals! 

We have a great contest give-a-way that we would love for you to participate in. The rules are easy all you have to do is visit the Spartan Martial Arts Blog and enter your email in the sign up area! It’s that simple

The prizes for this contest are as follows
Current and past members can win a FREE T-SHIRT!!!

The contest will run until Dec 31st, 2013 and we’ll pick a winner and post the results on Facebook.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck and thanks for the support!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mid-West Submission Hunt Dec 8th, 2013

Hey guys, it's that time of year again and we are very excited to be a part of the most recognized grappling event in the state, The Midwest Submission Hunt.  This years winter tournament will be held on Dec 8th, at the Chaplin Park High School.  We are hoping for a great turnout from all the Spartan Martial Arts members to show all of your hard work and skill!  

Here is a link for the tournament website will all the info you need to know.
Submission Hunt

Hope to see you all there!

Ben Locken for the win!

We would like to congratulate Ben Locken on his great performance last week for his Muay Thai kickboxing match against a very tough and seasoned opponent in Ryan Stock.  Ben showed his technical strengths and perseverance in the ring.  He was in great shape and proved it!
Ben is a foundational block to spartan martial arts team and has taken on his own program teaching martial arts fitness, which has been a hit!
Ben is excited about future competitions in the ring and cage.  His next event will be in February in the Twin Cities area so stay tuned!